A study in hoarfrost

Where I live we’re currently under an air stagnation advisory. This means very still air – and since it’s cold and foggy we get hoarfrost. It’s very pretty – this certainly isn’t the most expansive I’ve seen, but I thought I’d share some pictures nonetheless.


fence post cap


redbud branches


dormant lavender


dormant Japanese maple


bamboo that is supposed to be hardy for this sort of temperature – I hope they’re right!


nature flocked my wreath on the fence….

Scene in San Francisco, part 2

My hotel room did not have a great view – not even close. I looked directly at another building and was on top of most of the HVAC system. However, one of my friends had a spectacular view from her room:


left part of her view – notice Golden Gate Bridge peeking out above the fog. (click photos for larger version)


right part of her view – that’s Alcatraz in the bay.

I was jealous for a moment. Then I realized if I’d had that view I might’ve just stayed in my room all the time admiring it instead of going to the sessions (which were great) and walking around the city (which was also great).

Another Actual Conversation of a Married Couple

Today my husband and I both tried to extend the holiday weekend by starting it a lunchtime. We went to the local pub and ate far-too-large cheeseburgers that tasted wonderful. I then decided I would walk home to try to make up for it (not really possible, but worth trying). When I got home this conversation happened:

him: I got your stuff at the store.

me: What stuff?

him: for the refrigerator

me: What stuff?


me: champagne?

him: yes!

me: okay – thanks. I’m going to make margaritas.

him: but I got you champagne!

me: I know, but I want a margarita.

him: I saw her.

me (quite used to conversational whiplash): her?


me: Rachel?

him: yes!

Now I really need the margarita. And possibly some ibuprofen….

An Actual Conversation of a Married Couple

upon hearing some unusual noises in the kitchen I realized my husband was doing more than just putting dirty dishes on the counter. The following conversation ensued.

me: The dishes in the dishwasher are clean; I just haven’t put them away yet.

him: Oh. I didn’t know that.

me: Are you putting dirty dishes in with the clean ones?

him: I’m doing it a different way.

me: What does that mean?

him: Be quiet. I’m HELPING.

*dishwasher turns on*

Fly like the wind

We had a big windstorm here Sunday night/Monday morning. I’ve lived here over a decade, and I’ve lived in windier places than this. This windstorm was the strongest I’ve been through. At 3am or so, I went to the backyard to try to secure items as best I could (the grill was walking across the deck). The furniture is all over the place, but we sustained no damage.

At this house.

We have some rental properties. For one of them, the chimney cap was blown off the house – I found it two lots away while I was out walking (I wasn’t looking for it; I did recognize it because we installed it). Then I got an email from our other renters. The shed in the backyard had been lifted entirely off the ground and blown into the neighbor’s yard.

These items were once stored in the shed. The shed is behind the fence.

These items were once stored in the shed. The shed is behind the fence.


There are items that were stored in the shed that got taken for a ride.

We’re very fortunate it didn’t take out the power line. I haven’t had a chance to talk to our neighbor yet but I’m hoping there is no damage other than it being unsightly. My husband and I will deal with it this weekend. Being a silver-lining person, I immediately noted this was an ideal opportunity to put in a better shed on a proper concrete pad.


I take a lot of walks around my neighborhood. I’m very familiar with the sidewalks – and I have a personal favorite. I’m sure that sounds odd, but it’s true. Clearly this particular sidewalk concrete was poured in the autumn, and then a lot of leaves fell. Instead of erasing the evidence, the impressions are still there. Finally one day I took my camera with me so I could take photos of the fossil-leaves with the newly fallen leaves. I hope you enjoy them.



I was walking around my neighborhood and saw these gorgeous deep red leaves. We had a gradual cool-down this year so got some very nice color. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Later I passed this tree – with two stubborn leaves still clinging to the branch – most of the rest of this tree is bare now:

I hope wherever you are there are lovely moments catching your eye as well.

Happy Birthday, Older Sister!

Today, October 30, is my sister’s birthday. My older sister’s birthday. She will always be older than me. I’m younger. (and possibly obnoxious)

Because of the timing of her birthday, I regularly provide her with Halloween themed gifts (thankfully, she actually enjoys this!)

Last year I got her a skel-a-gnome to put in her newly renovated yard:


This year, I had to add to the theme and sent her a skel-a-dragon baby:

Because who doesn’t want a yard full of skeleton figures?! (okay, perhaps me…)

These are available at many fine retailers. In case you want one.