Fly like the wind

We had a big windstorm here Sunday night/Monday morning. I’ve lived here over a decade, and I’ve lived in windier places than this. This windstorm was the strongest I’ve been through. At 3am or so, I went to the backyard to try to secure items as best I could (the grill was walking across the deck). The furniture is all over the place, but we sustained no damage.

At this house.

We have some rental properties. For one of them, the chimney cap was blown off the house – I found it two lots away while I was out walking (I wasn’t looking for it; I did recognize it because we installed it). Then I got an email from our other renters. The shed in the backyard had been lifted entirely off the ground and blown into the neighbor’s yard.

These items were once stored in the shed. The shed is behind the fence.

These items were once stored in the shed. The shed is behind the fence.


There are items that were stored in the shed that got taken for a ride.

We’re very fortunate it didn’t take out the power line. I haven’t had a chance to talk to our neighbor yet but I’m hoping there is no damage other than it being unsightly. My husband and I will deal with it this weekend. Being a silver-lining person, I immediately noted this was an ideal opportunity to put in a better shed on a proper concrete pad.

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