A reason to come back

Okay – I actually had no good reason to stop posting here other than things happened and while I kept walking and taking photos I somehow never made it a priority to come back here and post properly. But today changed that. Today when I got home I went to feed the fish in our pond, and saw something I’d never seen. I ran to my camera and thought I have to post this to my blog. This needs more than a fleeting share. This needs a home.


I want to be able to find this whenever I want. Seeing that our red and yellow water lilies had crossed and made this gorgeous flower made what was already a nice day into a great day.

A lovely volunteer

Usually the plants that volunteer to grow in your yard without your explicit request are the ones that you have to call weeds and pull from the ground by their roots. They are, sadly, generally quite ugly.

In this case a butterfly bush decided to plant itself in our circular drive garden. (Technically, it’s an elliptical drive. THAT is a very long story.) Because I knew what it was, I let it grow. At some point we may choose a different home for it, but for now I’m happy to have it where it is. It just started blooming and I’m looking forward to the butterflies finding it soon.




I think the second version will make a nice cover photo for twitter or facebook…