A reason to come back

Okay – I actually had no good reason to stop posting here other than things happened and while I kept walking and taking photos I somehow never made it a priority to come back here and post properly. But today changed that. Today when I got home I went to feed the fish in our pond, and saw something I’d never seen. I ran to my camera and thought I have to post this to my blog. This needs more than a fleeting share. This needs a home.


I want to be able to find this whenever I want. Seeing that our red and yellow water lilies had crossed and made this gorgeous flower made what was already a nice day into a great day.

Water Lilies

The frogs are being quite shy lately – and it appears Brave Frog may have already moved out. I went out to shoot some photos of Cave Frog (I think) and I got in only one quick snap before he dove under the water. Since I had the camera out anyway, I decided to take some photos of our water lilies. When we first had the pond and waterfall installed, I didn’t think we would put anything in it. I’m glad my husband pushed for plants (then fish…) because it makes it a lot more interesting to look at when we are outside. There are some new plants I put in this year that should be blooming soon – when they do I will post photos of those. But for now, I really love this close up of a water lily – I didn’t know the damselfly was there playing peekaboo until I transferred the photo to my computer!

As I was moving away I realized the water and sun were collaborating to make a gorgeous reflection – so I took that photo too.