Cardinal Flower

In the mix of “hardy bog plants” was a short stocky thing. It grew slowly most of the summer and was referred to as “the thick-stalk-plant” when we needed a point of reference for a frog sighting because we didn’t know which plant was which until they started blooming.

The thick-stalk-plant suddenly started shooting up in height and is now over 3 feet tall. The upper half has been covered in blooms, and as it grows taller more blooms appear on top. Even though the days (and nights, especially) are getting cooler it is blooming continuously. Butterflies and hummingbirds are supposed to be attracted, but since it started blooming late that hasn’t happened. We are hoping for earlier blooms next year and some excellent hummingbird action. (okay, right now we’re just hoping the plants all survive the winter to be honest).

This photo is blurred, but I really like it because it seems like there is fairy dust involved. So I’m sharing it, too.