Scene in Sanibel: February 18, 2015

When I travel I try to find a gloriously tacky souvenir to bring home for my parents. In Sanibel, that means finding something made of seashells. As it turns out, I had to spend quite some time deciding amongst  the bountiful options of Christmas tree ornaments. I very nearly picked out this starfish scuba diver, who looks to me like Beaker (the muppet) on a beach adventure:


But in the end, I opted for Santa with his little bag of tiny colorful shells: IMG_0290


They loved it.

Peeling hard boiled eggs

I’m the designated deviled egg maker for our family and since it’s nearly Christmas that means I have to get moving on this. One of the worst parts is generally peeling the shells off the eggs, so when I saw one of those “life-hack” links about peeling an egg I watched. Basically the instructions were to boil the eggs as normal, then with the egg in a small amount of water in a pot, put the lid on and shake hard. I watched the video (sorry I don’t have a link) and it looked magical. So I tried it. Here’s the egg in the water:


And here’s the egg post-shaking, with the shell next to it. It worked wonderfully.


Until the 7th egg. When I opened the top on that I found an explosion of egg parts, It was disgusting and I didn’t take a picture. Since I only had one spare egg (or I did before that disaster) I did the rest the normal way (for me that’s tap all around on all sides and slide the shell off, which worked pretty well this time frankly.)

Have a Great Thanksgiving Day Today!

I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here to take a nice walk before heading to the family gathering. Along my route I saw a little girl in her front yard. She yelled to me:

“Have a great Thanksgiving Day today!”

Which was really nice, so I said back “Thank you – you too!”

After a moment she yelled: “I’m just peeling the tomato!”

I didn’t quite know what to say to that. After a beat I said “Good job!”

I walked away wondering why she was peeling a tomato. Or maybe she meant potato? Either way, just one? And why in the front yard alone?

It will remain a mystery.

A Unique Celebration

One final Halloween moment… At my parents’ house there are a lot of trick-or-treaters (more than 220 as I recall this year). I get zero, so I go over there to help them hand out candy. This year my sister and niece (who also get zero kids visiting) headed over as well though it’s a lot more distance for them. I enjoyed this because they took over the candy duties entirely, and also put on a show (niece had a straightjacket and masked face and sat in a chair randomly screaming while my sister posed as her doctor… it was very entertaining).

That’s not what this post is about. This year there was a group of boys who were dressed in full body suits running around the neighborhood and randomly stopping and freezing into poses. Early in the evening they literally ran (one of them straight into a tree! ouch!), later they clearly got tired and walked – and the early poses were more elaborate. However, this was the only time I got a decent picture of them – when they plopped right in front of my parents’ house. They sat without moving or speaking for several minutes, then silently got up and moved along again.


Best pumpkin EVAH

Each year my mom and I carve multiple pumpkins. Our ambitions sometimes exceed our skill – and we generally use patterns from the easily available books. But this year I decided to make my own and carve a pumpkin for my favorite team. Risky business because most people around where we are do not root for the Broncos. In fact, one kid was almost denied candy for insulting my pumpkin (by my sister, who joined in the fun this year). He decided he liked the pumpkin.