Have a Great Thanksgiving Day Today!

I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here to take a nice walk before heading to the family gathering. Along my route I saw a little girl in her front yard. She yelled to me:

“Have a great Thanksgiving Day today!”

Which was really nice, so I said back “Thank you – you too!”

After a moment she yelled: “I’m just peeling the tomato!”

I didn’t quite know what to say to that. After a beat I said “Good job!”

I walked away wondering why she was peeling a tomato. Or maybe she meant potato? Either way, just one? And why in the front yard alone?

It will remain a mystery.

Scene while walking: November 12, 2014

Actually of course for the next few posts it will be things I saw in October before Halloween. I’ve been remiss in posting. Work has been busy, getting photos to airdrop from phone to iPad was not working, and basically I let minor hurdles stop me. But I’ve got a TON of stuff now to go through and a little time.

I saw my beary good friend in the Salt Lake City airport again. Last time he was heading on a scuba vacation, but this time he was ready for Halloween!


Scene while walking: September 9, 2014

I was walking by the river on the path and I started to move to the side to allow a bicyclist to pass by. I suddenly realized I didn’t want to move too far over…


However, I’d rather have this guy than deal with all the bugs he must be eating. (sadly, the leaves are in focus and not the spider but that’s the way things go sometimes!)

Scene while walking: September 2, 2014

I needed to take my car for service. For most people this means finding someone else to follow them so they have a ride home. However, I realized the service garage is four miles from my house and that is completely walkable! So I drove there, dropped off my car, and headed home. This meant I was walking a route that I don’t usually walk, so I got to see new things. I ran across these metal rusty palm trees – they look super cool and I would have them in my yard.