A Unique Celebration

One final Halloween moment… At my parents’ house there are a lot of trick-or-treaters (more than 220 as I recall this year). I get zero, so I go over there to help them hand out candy. This year my sister and niece (who also get zero kids visiting) headed over as well though it’s a lot more distance for them. I enjoyed this because they took over the candy duties entirely, and also put on a show (niece had a straightjacket and masked face and sat in a chair randomly screaming while my sister posed as her doctor… it was very entertaining).

That’s not what this post is about. This year there was a group of boys who were dressed in full body suits running around the neighborhood and randomly stopping and freezing into poses. Early in the evening they literally ran (one of them straight into a tree! ouch!), later they clearly got tired and walked – and the early poses were more elaborate. However, this was the only time I got a decent picture of them – when they plopped right in front of my parents’ house. They sat without moving or speaking for several minutes, then silently got up and moved along again.


Best pumpkin EVAH

Each year my mom and I carve multiple pumpkins. Our ambitions sometimes exceed our skill – and we generally use patterns from the easily available books. But this year I decided to make my own and carve a pumpkin for my favorite team. Risky business because most people around where we are do not root for the Broncos. In fact, one kid was almost denied candy for insulting my pumpkin (by my sister, who joined in the fun this year). He decided he liked the pumpkin.


Scene while walking: November 12, 2014

Actually of course for the next few posts it will be things I saw in October before Halloween. I’ve been remiss in posting. Work has been busy, getting photos to airdrop from phone to iPad was not working, and basically I let minor hurdles stop me. But I’ve got a TON of stuff now to go through and a little time.

I saw my beary good friend in the Salt Lake City airport again. Last time he was heading on a scuba vacation, but this time he was ready for Halloween!


Halloween 2012, in all its gory

Pumpkin carving time with mom! First, we need the proper tools. For me this means the right earrings. For mom, it means the right socks.











Then, of course, we need pumpkins:

It was icky cold and rainy outside, so we did all the work – even the messy stuff – inside. Like cleaning out pumpkins:

We decided to do three this year – all rather large. Two are double-carved to cast shadows, so it’s really like doing five. Plus two little guys, so it’s more like seven. Felt like hundreds as we cleaned them out – and that’s even with the uber-cool power tool/drill attachment we use to get the guts out after the seeds are removed for roasting. Three big pumpkins leads to a giant pile of pumpkin guts:









And at this point we STILL hadn’t had any wine (because it seemed unwise with slippery hands covered in pumpkin guts). Once all are cleaned, it’s time for the carving (and some wine – and yes, the logic of wine while you’re using sharp tools is debatable but we had no injuries so it was clearly fine). Mom did a bat in a cape with shadow-bats and ghost and stars (which totally should have worked way better than they did, but at least she got to use the drill to make the holes so it was fun, if not effective):











I did an uber-cool spooky tree, with a somewhat lame shadow of a cloud-covered moon:










And because this is my blog and my pumpkin, here’s the close-up of the coolness:

Mom and I also collaborated on a new venture – a pumpkin gobbling a small pumpkin. Mom carved the victim:

I carved the eyes and nose (save the nostrils, which mom did with the drill), and mom carved the mouth and painted the glow-teeth on the cannibal pumpkin. I carved the clueless future-victim:

Here’s what it looks like lit:

And finally, we roasted and ate pumpkin guts, which may be the bestest reason of all to carve pumpkins:

Happy Birthday, Older Sister!

Today, October 30, is my sister’s birthday. My older sister’s birthday. She will always be older than me. I’m younger. (and possibly obnoxious)

Because of the timing of her birthday, I regularly provide her with Halloween themed gifts (thankfully, she actually enjoys this!)

Last year I got her a skel-a-gnome to put in her newly renovated yard:


This year, I had to add to the theme and sent her a skel-a-dragon baby:

Because who doesn’t want a yard full of skeleton figures?! (okay, perhaps me…)

These are available at many fine retailers. In case you want one.

Pumpkin Carving, 2011 retrospective

Each year my mother and I carve pumpkins for Halloween. I’m not certain how this got started, but it’s quite the affair now. We get patterns, pumpkins, tools, and far too much ambition for our own good. Then we get to it and it always takes longer and is more difficult than we imagine it will be. However, there is always wine and laughter so it’s good. These are last year’s pumpkins (we coerced dad into doing one as well) – note that a couple of them have the backs carved as well so they cast shadows to enhance the image. I will post the full story of the 2012 pumpkins soon…

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October happened!

It’s October (okay, it has been for a few days, yes, I know) and the temperatures are dipping low at night so it officially feels like autumn. This is the signal to get out the bins full of orange things!

Most of the orange things…

We have 8 jack o’lanterns for the windows across the front of the house, pumpkin candle holders, interesting frog witches… And so I made my moments.


And then, finally, I added the last decoration to General Principle. He took it stoically, as he does everything.