I take a lot of walks around my neighborhood. I’m very familiar with the sidewalks – and I have a personal favorite. I’m sure that sounds odd, but it’s true. Clearly this particular sidewalk concrete was poured in the autumn, and then a lot of leaves fell. Instead of erasing the evidence, the impressions are still there. Finally one day I took my camera with me so I could take photos of the fossil-leaves with the newly fallen leaves. I hope you enjoy them.



I was walking around my neighborhood and saw these gorgeous deep red leaves. We had a gradual cool-down this year so got some very nice color. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Later I passed this tree – with two stubborn leaves still clinging to the branch – most of the rest of this tree is bare now:

I hope wherever you are there are lovely moments catching your eye as well.

October happened!

It’s October (okay, it has been for a few days, yes, I know) and the temperatures are dipping low at night so it officially feels like autumn. This is the signal to get out the bins full of orange things!

Most of the orange things…

We have 8 jack o’lanterns for the windows across the front of the house, pumpkin candle holders, interesting frog witches… And so I made my moments.


And then, finally, I added the last decoration to General Principle. He took it stoically, as he does everything.