A welcome visitor!

While sitting on our porch my husband spotted a bird fly into a sentinel pine right by the house. He got up and noticed it was on a nest. We decided it was a mother robin.


It’s hot, so the open beak is part of heat regulation (common for birds). A bit later I noticed she had left so I went to the upper deck to see what I could see. I spied three “robin’s blue” eggs! Hard to get the camera in for that, but here are two of them (okay, part of two of them):



This is likely their last brood of the season, and I’d like to know how we missed the first one (or two)?????

Anyway, we’ll be keeping an eye out!

Brown Ibis?

While on a break from my meeting today I spotted these birds (which I had seen before, but this time I finally got a picture that someone besides me could actually see them in). Are these ibis? If they are white ibis they are juvenile but I haven’t seen any white ibis around and honestly this is the first time I have ever seen these birds on our campus. This is about a mile from the Columbia River. Any thoughts?