Peeling hard boiled eggs

I’m the designated deviled egg maker for our family and since it’s nearly Christmas that means I have to get moving on this. One of the worst parts is generally peeling the shells off the eggs, so when I saw one of those “life-hack” links about peeling an egg I watched. Basically the instructions were to boil the eggs as normal, then with the egg in a small amount of water in a pot, put the lid on and shake hard. I watched the video (sorry I don’t have a link) and it looked magical. So I tried it. Here’s the egg in the water:


And here’s the egg post-shaking, with the shell next to it. It worked wonderfully.


Until the 7th egg. When I opened the top on that I found an explosion of egg parts, It was disgusting and I didn’t take a picture. Since I only had one spare egg (or I did before that disaster) I did the rest the normal way (for me that’s tap all around on all sides and slide the shell off, which worked pretty well this time frankly.)

Scene in Spain, #20

We arrived in Ponferrada early in the morning and sat tiredly in the hotel lobby until our room was ready. (The staff were amazing – brought us wonderful coffee and fruits and kept apologizing that the room wasn’t ready despite us arriving before most people would even be up!)

When we finally moved out to walk around, we found out there was a festival happening – what timing to catch the final day when we weren’t even aware it existed! It looked like a Renaissance Fair. There was a display of birds including these two rather sarcastic looking owls:

IMG_3293 IMG_3295

There were also a ton of food vendors. We stopped at this one because it smelled amazing.


This is where we got the delicious festival food I posted earlier (a looong time ago, actually) – and I still have yet to grill jalapenos!



Scene in Spain, #5

Outside the Crystal Palace in Parque del Retiro was a large pond. There were many ducks, and so obviously I took pictures. SPANISH DUCKS.


It took a bit before we realized the pond was filled with turtles. And so of course I took more pictures. SPANISH TURTLES!


After a long walk around the park we stopped at one of the many cafes for a bite to eat. I finally had the first of many glasses of sangria. We were entertained by the little bowls of potato chips that were a normal item handed out (much like a bowl of nuts I suppose, but still…)