Scene in Spain, #5

Outside the Crystal Palace in Parque del Retiro was a large pond. There were many ducks, and so obviously I took pictures. SPANISH DUCKS.


It took a bit before we realized the pond was filled with turtles. And so of course I took more pictures. SPANISH TURTLES!


After a long walk around the park we stopped at one of the many cafes for a bite to eat. I finally had the first of many glasses of sangria. We were entertained by the little bowls of potato chips that were a normal item handed out (much like a bowl of nuts I suppose, but still…)


Scene while walking: June 7, 2013



In the canal by my home, there are a couple of duck moms who appear to have banded together to share the duties of caring for their large number of ducklings (see one adult on each side of the group of kids). You’ll need to click for the larger version, and even then the mom on the right side is well camouflaged. There are FOURTEEN ducklings!

Scene while walking: February 21, 2013


At the National Mall in Washington, D.C., there are a lot of waterfowl. During my time there I chanced upon a couple of ducks who were dipping into the water for a snack. This has always made me giggle and whisper (if I’m in a crowd) “DUCK BUTTS!”

These two appeared to be doing a synchronized swimming routine.





Scene while walking – January 30, 2013

I get to see a lot of wildlife while I’m walking. There are some wetlands on a ranch that I walk near – the road is above the ranch so I’m looking down. The pond attracts a lot of ducks – in summer it’s covered in algae and in winter part or all of it freezes over.


IMG_2707If you look closely (you may want to click to enlarge the photo) you can see that part of the pond is frozen and the ducks are walking on the ice there! A very entertaining scene, indeed.