Scene while walking: August 26, 2013

Just a reminder that I have glorious views provided by the Columbia River and surroundings as I walk in to my office. These are the bluffs across the river to the east, accompanied by a blue sky and wispy clouds. It’s a pretty wonderful way to start the day.

Photo 2013-08-26 10.35.44 AM 1If you click to get the larger size, the lines of trees you see are poplars – they are very fast growing and are planted in rows by farmers as a windbreak. They have the additional benefit of creating interesting visual effects.


Scene while walking: May 17, 2013

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus – work intervened rather significantly in the last week. But I was still walking and I saw something I had not yet seen before! I suspect for a large number of people seeing a snake crossing the path wouldn’t be something that makes them happy, but it was for me. I like snakes. He moved into the shade under a basalt boulder as the day was quite warm. He’s about 3 feet long.