Scene while walking: May 28, 2013



I’m seeing this tree (really tall bush? okay, definitely in the plant family) a lot as I walk around and I haven’t noticed it before. I have not yet completed a full year of walking intentionally around my neighborhood and where I work so I’m still running into plants that look quite different than they do other times of the year. Anyway. I like this – it reminds me of Japanese maples in that the color is right and the leaves are feathery (yes, I know not all Japanese maples fit that description. Work with me.)

So, if you know what this is, I’d like to know. Thanks in advance!

Scene while walking: April 2, 2013

This is a rare time when the post is coming on the actual date I took the photo. One of the things I love about where I work is the attention paid to making sure we have a nice environment that is pleasant to come to. We have a lot of beautiful flowering trees that burst into color in the spring. The combination of the blue sky and the white flowers were too lovely not to share right away.