Winter Flowers

Last year my aunt gave my mother a “Christmas Cactus” – nearly every one I’ve seen had red blooms, but this one has white/pink blooms. Normally giving my mother a plant is a risky proposition, but she does well with the succulents and the cactus bloomed like crazy this year. It’s a very pretty accent in their kitchen.


My in-laws sent my husband and me paperwhite bulbs this year. I dutifully watered the container and lo and behold, up they popped. I’m sorry to know that since they were forced to bloom out of season (technically not a winter flower) this is probably it. But I’ll give it a go to see if I can keep them alive. In the meantime:


Best wishes to all of you and yours for a happy, safe, and prosperous new year!

Dragonfly on Water Hyacinth

I am 99% certain my mother took this photo last summer. I know it wasn’t this summer because we didn’t put in water hyacinth this year. They are a lovely flower – but they bloom for about a day and that is it. Plus, they are annuals where I live. But I admit, the dragonflies did enjoy posing on top of them! Of course, this one isn’t in bloom. Below is a photo of one fully bloomed – which you have to have good timing to get since they only last a day. Apologies for the blur; I believe this was with my phone and the lens was probably not so clean. Or, you can assume I used a nice filter for this effect.