The return of summer

I’m sure we all have our signals that summer is truly here. Now that we have a pond and waterfall in our backyard, I’ve decided that summer is heralded by dragonflies. I’m delighted that they have returned and are enjoying the plants and water as much as we are. No doubt you’ll be seeing more dragonfly photos – as long as they stop long enough for me to take them! This one is perched on the tip of a nearly-about-to-bloom obedient plant (that’s its name, honest) that we recently planted in the shallows. He looks to be the same as the first dragonfly I ever posted (still one of my favorite photos).


Dragonfly on me!

We get a lot of dragonflies in our yard, attracted by the water (and bugs to eat, one presumes). Usually they land on plants or on the deck or not at all – but sometimes they decide to pay us a visit more personally. This little guy decided to land on the edge of my shorts (taken when it was much warmer than it is now!) and I managed to get my phone out and take his photo before he left. Quite auspicious, I am given to understand. Their wings are amazingly complex.