This tray is for the birds

img_3659-1We keep giant bags of birdseed in the garage to keep the birds fed and happy. However I’m not about to drag them out to fill the feeders. For a while I had a large tub that I would fill from the bag and then I’d drag that out. But then I realized that I have a bunch of quart mason jars that I got to use for my salads in a jar – but I only use a few of them for that. So now the others are used for seed – I fill directly from the bag. I was carrying them out in my arms, but then I remembered I have a serving tray that I never really use and it was just sitting in the top of a closet. So now it’s the permanent home of seven quart mason jars of seed, ready to be carried out and served to all the happy birds. I don’t think they realize how fancy it all is, but I do know they appreciate the seed.

A study in hoarfrost

Where I live we’re currently under an air stagnation advisory. This means very still air – and since it’s cold and foggy we get hoarfrost. It’s very pretty – this certainly isn’t the most expansive I’ve seen, but I thought I’d share some pictures nonetheless.


fence post cap


redbud branches


dormant lavender


dormant Japanese maple


bamboo that is supposed to be hardy for this sort of temperature – I hope they’re right!


nature flocked my wreath on the fence….