Scene while walking: April 17, 2013

Also while in North Carolina, a friend of mine took me to Lake Crabtree where we had a nice meander all over the place to the tune of about 4 miles. It was a lovely day and we happened upon a group of people competing in a radio controlled sailboat race. They were very competitive. And a little shouty. The boats were fun to watch, though.


Scene while walking: April 10, 2013

I did not know that heron would flock. Normally I only see them individually on the river. Recently I walked by a wetlands preserve that I usually drive past. I don’t generally walk there because I like to have routes that are a loop, and to go to this place I have to walk there and then backtrack.

This has been a mistake. Also, I should take my actual camera, tripod, and zoom lens next time I head that way. Not only were there a ton of heron (I assume it’s a nesting ground) – I also spotted a fox! The heron seemed rather unconcerned about the fox, quite possibly because of the large number of them. Seriously. I’m sorry for the cell-phone photo, but keep looking. You’ll spot a LOT more. (click for larger version)