Scene in Sanibel: February 2, 2015

Seeing that heron in my yard yesterday reminded me I have a lot of photos from Sanibel Island I haven’t yet shared. I also have one video – of a great blue heron. When the fishing boats would come back to the dock they would leave the bait bin open. The birds were clearly aware of this and lined up to snack. We must have watched this guy eat twenty fish! (just off the right you can see the beak of an egret who was waiting for his turn…)

Uninvited Guest

I went to my back door to have a look at the weather. To my surprise in the middle of my pond on a rock (under which I hope my fish are hiding) was a great blue heron. I may no longer have fish. I don’t know. The heron looked at me placidly for a moment when I opened the door as if to let me know that flying away languidly was his idea completely and I should run a better restaurant.

I should have gotten my real camera – this is a phone photo. I regret that now, but honestly don’t seek a new opportunity. I need to figure out how to make that rock impossible for the heron to stand upon.

Scene while walking: April 10, 2013

I did not know that heron would flock. Normally I only see them individually on the river. Recently I walked by a wetlands preserve that I usually drive past. I don’t generally walk there because I like to have routes that are a loop, and to go to this place I have to walk there and then backtrack.

This has been a mistake. Also, I should take my actual camera, tripod, and zoom lens next time I head that way. Not only were there a ton of heron (I assume it’s a nesting ground) – I also spotted a fox! The heron seemed rather unconcerned about the fox, quite possibly because of the large number of them. Seriously. I’m sorry for the cell-phone photo, but keep looking. You’ll spot a LOT more. (click for larger version)


Scene while walking: February 27, 2013

During a recent walk by the Columbia River before work I spotted a heron on a rock, head moving to and fro, looking for breakfast. Though I wish I had my camera with large lens, he was still nicely silhouetted against the river. You will want to click to get the large version of these photos or he will just be a dot on your screen…

IMG_20130214_074120_754 IMG_20130214_074111_755