Scene while walking: December 16, 2013

I had an appointment today (actually today! The actual date of this post!) and afterwards I was drawn in by the sunshine and the nearby walking trail along the Columbia River. This is a few miles south of my normal walk into work. Just as beautiful.


One difference walking along this stretch is that it’s part of a very active park, and the wildlife are clearly very used to humans being around (actually, they mostly seemed shocked I wasn’t giving them any treats). Say hello to my squirrel friend!


Scene while walking: November 4, 2013

While I still have a lot of work to do in order to organize my Spain photos, I certainly can share photos of what I’ve seen on my regular walks. Recently we’ve had a lot of fog in the mornings – in fact it was so foggy a couple of mornings that while I was walking to work my hair got very wet! It made things interesting along the Columbia River – there were times I knew the river was mere feet away from me but I could not see it. When the sun started poking through one morning, it made a lovely picture.


Scene while walking: August 26, 2013

Just a reminder that I have glorious views provided by the Columbia River and surroundings as I walk in to my office. These are the bluffs across the river to the east, accompanied by a blue sky and wispy clouds. It’s a pretty wonderful way to start the day.

Photo 2013-08-26 10.35.44 AM 1If you click to get the larger size, the lines of trees you see are poplars – they are very fast growing and are planted in rows by farmers as a windbreak. They have the additional benefit of creating interesting visual effects.


Webs with a view

Technically this should be a “Scene while walking” post because I definitely captured this while out for my morning walk along the Columbia River, but I decided I’d give it its own title this time. These spiders clearly created a nice condo development on the river, and get a stunning view in addition to there being plenty of delivery for their dining needs.

Photo 2013-07-23 12.12.42 PM

Yes, I know some people freak out about spiders. I like them because they eat stuff I don’t like and they don’t want to bother me as long as I don’t bother them. Fortunately, the ones along the river like to weave their magnificent homes well off the path, so I can see them without getting a face hug and turning into a ninja dancer.

Scene while walking: July 23, 2013

On my morning walks by the Columbia River, I’ve recently been seeing giant pelicans (specifically, these are American White Pelicans with close to a ten foot wingspan!). It’s so cool to see them in flight – though I’m not equipped to get a nice photo of that. But I also spotted one in the water; the quality isn’t great because I’m far away and using my phone, but that silhouette is unmistakable!