Scene while walking: December 16, 2013

I had an appointment today (actually today! The actual date of this post!) and afterwards I was drawn in by the sunshine and the nearby walking trail along the Columbia River. This is a few miles south of my normal walk into work. Just as beautiful.


One difference walking along this stretch is that it’s part of a very active park, and the wildlife are clearly very used to humans being around (actually, they mostly seemed shocked I wasn’t giving them any treats). Say hello to my squirrel friend!


You CAN eat a gingerbread house

Mom and I decided to do a real documentation of the deterioration of one of the gingerbread houses we made – and we picked the Home Depot because it was exceedingly covered in frosting so should last the longest. It was placed outside in their yard in a location where she could easily put her tripod in the same location every few days to take a photo. We had a bit of wind which had moved the Home Depot, so she was thinking she should go out and move it into its proper place. That’s when she saw this (all photos courtesy of my mother):


He just kept snacking – apparently he really enjoyed the gingerbread!

227701_10200255386336397_1729029734_nHe then took a hard look at her and decided he was done eating gingerbread for the moment….