Scene while walking: September 9, 2014

I was walking by the river on the path and I started to move to the side to allow a bicyclist to pass by. I suddenly realized I didn’t want to move too far over…


However, I’d rather have this guy than deal with all the bugs he must be eating. (sadly, the leaves are in focus and not the spider but that’s the way things go sometimes!)

Scene while walking: February 27, 2013

During a recent walk by the Columbia River before work I spotted a heron on a rock, head moving to and fro, looking for breakfast. Though I wish I had my camera with large lens, he was still nicely silhouetted against the river. You will want to click to get the large version of these photos or he will just be a dot on your screen…

IMG_20130214_074120_754 IMG_20130214_074111_755

Scene while walking: February 13, 2013

Every weekday when I am working from my office I try to get there early and spend my first hour walking. In fact when I don’t do this I find my day doesn’t go as well. That early walk is a great time for my brain to wander and for me to simply enjoy the scenery. It helps me keep everything in perspective, I think. This may be true in part because I have the privilege of walking by the Columbia River at sunrise, and it is a glorious sight.


note the duck wakes!

Mists on the Columbia River

Each morning I try to get to my office an hour early so I can take a nice long walk before I officially start the day. I find it quite soothing. I started doing this during the summer and so now, as the days grow shorter and colder, it’s more of a challenge. But it’s still a great start to my day so even though now it is dark when I rise and when I leave the house, it’s worth the effort. I’m fortunate to have my office near the Columbia River, and there is a nice walking trail that I am on nearly every day. As the start of the days have grown colder, I noticed the mists rising off the river.

Now of course I don’t carry the fancy camera while I’m walking before work, so I’m stuck with taking pictures with my phone. On this walk I saw pheasants (when they flushed I nearly had a heart attack), quail (in *trees* which is weird because they generally seem to forget they can fly and just scurry everywhere), ducks, geese, seagulls, and bunnies. It was a lovely (chilly) morning.

The mists rising up are what I imagine Scotland looks like all the time. Which is silly, because I’ve been to Scotland and it didn’t look like this. It was snowing.

Nonetheless, I’m delighted that this is a poor quality photograph. It looks like a nice watercolor to me. I hope you enjoy it.