Scene while walking: May 1, 2013

IMG_20130409_072404_174I have switched up my morning walk before work. I was walking south down the Columbia River. Now I walk north most days. This is the view I have now. Honestly, I don’t know why more people don’t do this, but I really like that I have the whole thing to myself most of the time.


3 thoughts on “Scene while walking: May 1, 2013

  1. Wow your so lucky to live there and have that view in your backyard. Been telling my wife for a couple of years we need to fly to Portland and explore the river gorge.

    • I am lucky indeed. This is much farther east of the gorge area and in Washington state. But there is a lot of beauty around this region! And some mighty fine wine.

      • Oh ok. Your farther up stream eh? We like to drink Riesling quite a bit and many times its from the Columbia River Gorge area of OR & WA. Something about your micro-climate there must be good for those types of grapes.

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