Scene while walking: June 24, 2013

During a recent trip to Washington, DC, I was staying in Crystal City (on the Virginia side of the Potomac) and my meetings were in DC proper. Out of curiosity, I asked my phone if I could walk and lo and behold there is a lovely trail called the Mt. Vernon that took me on a pleasant journey. It was very different than my usual view walking next to the Columbia River – for one thing more often than not I was in tree tunnels like this one!


Scene while walking: February 21, 2013


At the National Mall in Washington, D.C., there are a lot of waterfowl. During my time there I chanced upon a couple of ducks who were dipping into the water for a snack. This has always made me giggle and whisper (if I’m in a crowd) “DUCK BUTTS!”

These two appeared to be doing a synchronized swimming routine.





Scene while walking: February 20, 2013

I had time recently to walk by many of the memorials in Washington, D.C. One of the most moving for me is the Vietnam Memorial – a wall of names memorializing lives cut far too short. On this day I saw a young boy standing on the shoulders of a man and making an etching of someone’s name. I have in my mind all three are related, and the name he was capturing is a man he never got to know.