Peeling hard boiled eggs

I’m the designated deviled egg maker for our family and since it’s nearly Christmas that means I have to get moving on this. One of the worst parts is generally peeling the shells off the eggs, so when I saw one of those “life-hack” links about peeling an egg I watched. Basically the instructions were to boil the eggs as normal, then with the egg in a small amount of water in a pot, put the lid on and shake hard. I watched the video (sorry I don’t have a link) and it looked magical. So I tried it. Here’s the egg in the water:


And here’s the egg post-shaking, with the shell next to it. It worked wonderfully.


Until the 7th egg. When I opened the top on that I found an explosion of egg parts, It was disgusting and I didn’t take a picture. Since I only had one spare egg (or I did before that disaster) I did the rest the normal way (for me that’s tap all around on all sides and slide the shell off, which worked pretty well this time frankly.)