Scene while walking: September 2, 2014

I needed to take my car for service. For most people this means finding someone else to follow them so they have a ride home. However, I realized the service garage is four miles from my house and that is completely walkable! So I drove there, dropped off my car, and headed home. This meant I was walking a route that I don’t usually walk, so I got to see new things. I ran across these metal rusty palm trees – they look super cool and I would have them in my yard.


Scene in Spain, #21

In Ponferrada, like all the other places we visited in Spain, there are lovely details at the center of roundabouts. The ever-present fountain, of course:


But there was this incredibly cool sculpture near our hotel:


The “film” is metal and the scenes are made by metal strips being bent to make the appropriate shadows. It’s so impressive – and each is a work of art in its own right.