I can’t choose

Another water iris has bloomed and the color is so intense and gorgeous that I’ve decided it’s madness to try to decide which is most beautiful. This is just as it’s finishing opening. The deep purple contrasted with the yellow pollen and chartreuse leaves is simply stunning. And as you can see, there are several more waiting to bloom!



Perhaps I spoke hastily. I recently declared that I had the world’s most beautiful iris in my yard. But then this one bloomed in my pond (it’s a water iris). It is very lovely and this is the first year it has bloomed.



I wish in this shot the depth of field focus was better, because I didn’t even realize the damselfly was there until I looked at the photo later. I was so focused on admiring the flower!


Buzzing with activity

With all the new flowers blooming, there is a constant buzz in my yard – from the bees coming by to gather materials for their hives. I took this of one on our Arnold Honeysuckle. This is the first of our honeysuckle to bloom, though it will shortly be followed by the gorgeous gold flame vines. In this photo you can see the pile of pollen on the bee’s back leg – his head is a blur because frankly, bees make terrible models.



When we were constructing our house we found some long-neglected and abandoned tulip bulbs in a portion of the lot that had been dry for years. I dug them up, apologized for their neglect, and replanted them with a promise of water. They returned the favor by blooming each year and continuing to spread – and it turned out they were cool striped tulips (along with some regular pink and yellow ones). A friend of mine has since educated me that this is a virus, but a valuable one. People apparently cultivate and patent tulip virii to get these stripes. How lucky were we?

These were the first two to bloom this year. I’m looking forward to all the others showing their colors! Looks like I might have another striped one open when I get home today.