Scene while walking, August 13, 2014

My hotel near the San Francisco airport was in Burlingame. The city of Burlingame has created a shorebird sanctuary and it was along this trail I was walking in the early morning. I got to see a wide variety of waterfowl and got only a few decent photos.




I also took a short video when I remembered my phone also does that:


Scene while walking: November 25, 2013

Technically this could be part of last week’s San Francisco series, because I did see this while I was out and about walking there. But it’s not that this was in San Francisco – it’s that this was something beautiful that caught my eye while I was out for a walk. I see so many people out walking but with their eyes on their phone or with headphones on and not really looking at the world around them. I think those people probably don’t always notice the random lovely things around them. I do know that at least one person stopped momentarily as I took this photo wondering if this was some landmark. If it is, I don’t know that. I just know I thought it was a beautiful fountain and I wanted to share it with you.


Scene in San Francisco, part 3

I really didn’t know much about the local area and was just doing my normal random walking around the city. Imagine my surprise when I ran into the most famous street in San Francisco, Lombard Street! It’s known as the “crookedest street in the world” and I walked up it. The title appears quite accurate.


View as I walked up the hill.


Looking down Lombard after my walk up the hill.

Scene in San Francisco, part 2

My hotel room did not have a great view – not even close. I looked directly at another building and was on top of most of the HVAC system. However, one of my friends had a spectacular view from her room:


left part of her view – notice Golden Gate Bridge peeking out above the fog. (click photos for larger version)


right part of her view – that’s Alcatraz in the bay.

I was jealous for a moment. Then I realized if I’d had that view I might’ve just stayed in my room all the time admiring it instead of going to the sessions (which were great) and walking around the city (which was also great).

Scene in San Francisco, part 1

I was fortunate enough to spend a week in San Francisco recently for a conference. While were were in sessions most of the time, I did get out to walk in the mornings and one afternoon. This week I’ll be sharing some of that with all of you.

It’s very hilly around where our meeting site was – so hilly that some streets come with steps!



All those hills of course are what mean around every corner you can be treated to a spectacular view:






I guess that’s one of the reasons why it’s so expensive here….