Another Actual Conversation of a Married Couple

Today my husband and I both tried to extend the holiday weekend by starting it a lunchtime. We went to the local pub and ate far-too-large cheeseburgers that tasted wonderful. I then decided I would walk home to try to make up for it (not really possible, but worth trying). When I got home this conversation happened:

him: I got your stuff at the store.

me: What stuff?

him: for the refrigerator

me: What stuff?


me: champagne?

him: yes!

me: okay – thanks. I’m going to make margaritas.

him: but I got you champagne!

me: I know, but I want a margarita.

him: I saw her.

me (quite used to conversational whiplash): her?


me: Rachel?

him: yes!

Now I really need the margarita. And possibly some ibuprofen….

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