A seven lily day!

My apologies for the unexpected delay since my last post. If I’d known I wasn’t going to post for a bit I’d’ve said something. But it was nothing more than work and life and in the meantime I’ve been taking photos and have gotten a few good ones to share with you. I’m even going to share some not good ones just because it’s fun. In any case, today is a seven lily day! Enjoy.


Scene while walking – January 30, 2013

I get to see a lot of wildlife while I’m walking. There are some wetlands on a ranch that I walk near – the road is above the ranch so I’m looking down. The pond attracts a lot of ducks – in summer it’s covered in algae and in winter part or all of it freezes over.


IMG_2707If you look closely (you may want to click to enlarge the photo) you can see that part of the pond is frozen and the ducks are walking on the ice there! A very entertaining scene, indeed.


Periodic Frog October 20, 2012

Having very few frog sightings lately. Today I did see Uptown Frog, albeit very briefly. He also saw me and quickly dove underwater. This made me decide it was time for another archive photo for a periodic frog. This is Cave Frog, with his beloved plant pot. It’s an earlier photo before I got a bit better at this, but I love how his little hands are hanging on to the edge of the pot. Cute!