Periodic Frog October 20, 2012

Having very few frog sightings lately. Today I did see Uptown Frog, albeit very briefly. He also saw me and quickly dove underwater. This made me decide it was time for another archive photo for a periodic frog. This is Cave Frog, with his beloved plant pot. It’s an earlier photo before I got a bit better at this, but I love how his little hands are hanging on to the edge of the pot. Cute!

Periodic Frog October 4, 2012

[insert "theme music from Jaws"]

[insert “theme music from Jaws“]

Eyeballs is lurking in the lilypads. The days are cooler, and the nights are dipping close to freezing now. Soon the frogs will burrow into the mud and I may have a few photos stored (certainly of Brave Frog) for some additional posts, but then you have to wait for spring until we find out if they stayed in the pond and survived the winter. *fingers crossed*

Periodic Frog October 1, 2012

Come closer, scrumptious morsel!


I admit it – I do not think I can keep up daily postings much longer at all, so I’ve renamed this to “Periodic Frog” because (1) it’s going to be accurate and (2) I’m a chemist who enjoys the play on words.

Nonetheless, I was delighted to spot Eyeballs in the lilypads – he was well hidden. I didn’t see him actually go for the little insect (perhaps it’s too small to bother with – what do I know? Do frogs do tapas?) but I like to think he was watching it. Those little bugs are annoying, so I’d be more than happy to have them be a frog’s appetizer.


Daily Frog September 30, 2012

I am one with the lily pads.


I was certain I had missed my opportunity to take a photo of Cave Frog on this evening – which would have been a shame as the light was interesting on the water. While I was moving in, he hopped off the lily pad where he had been sitting – but thankfully they are so thick there he just ended up on another, with one over his back. He must have felt reasonably camouflaged, because he was then very still while I did the photo shoot.

Daily Frog September 29, 2012

Here’s looking at you, kid.

I need to be more observant when I go out my door – the spot where Uptown Frog lives is very close and I’m beginning to think he is watching me more often than I am aware. Be sure to click on the photo to get the large size, and take a look at his arm under water, fingers holding on to the plant stalk. Where he is there is a reasonable current – so holding on is the only reason he isn’t floating downstream.

Daily Frog September 27, 2012

What’s the big deal? I’m just out on my veranda.


I went outside and looked for Eyeballs and Cave Frog among the plant pots and the lily pads, but spotted no one. I decided to take the walk around the pond to sneak up on the back of where Uptown Frog hangs out – just as I was getting near, I realized he was WAY out in the open on a rock a bit upstream from his little condo area. I slowly walked all the way back around the pond and got the camera. I don’t think I took a breath the whole time I was edging the tripod into slightly new positions to try and get a good view of him without the plant stalks blocking everything. Happily, he stayed there the whole time! This may be the best view we ever get of him – and it’s a good one!