Scene while walking: April 17, 2013

Also while in North Carolina, a friend of mine took me to Lake Crabtree where we had a nice meander all over the place to the tune of about 4 miles. It was a lovely day and we happened upon a group of people competing in a radio controlled sailboat race. They were very competitive. And a little shouty. The boats were fun to watch, though.


Scene while walking: March 27, 2013

I often see seagulls on the Columbia River – which is always a little odd because I’m rather far inland (many hours!). One morning there was a huge flock in the middle of campus – a rare sight for me! Like a kid, I had to startle them into flying and then I captured this with my phone camera. I guess the phone camera is why there are shadow birds in the image, but I think it looks cool.


Scene while walking: March 13, 2013


Not all the animals I see while I’m out are wildlife or barn animals. In fact I see a lot of dogs but they are usually barking and running and not interested in posing for a photo. This cat was enjoying a sunny spot and watching me carefully. Technically I suppose it could be a barn cat, but it didn’t look like it was into working.IMG_2782

Scene while walking: February 27, 2013

During a recent walk by the Columbia River before work I spotted a heron on a rock, head moving to and fro, looking for breakfast. Though I wish I had my camera with large lens, he was still nicely silhouetted against the river. You will want to click to get the large version of these photos or he will just be a dot on your screen…

IMG_20130214_074120_754 IMG_20130214_074111_755