Scene in Sanibel: December 5, 2014

I don’t quite know what happened with “Auto Draft” being published weirdly and I am not even sure what it looks like for other people…
Anyway… during our stay in Sanibel we were on a bay and had a lot of birds to watch. After a couple of days, we decided pelicans are decidedly odd creatures.


Sugar Thieves

My husband was in Australia for business recently. He sent me a photo-text from breakfast and asked if this parrot was cuter than our cat (her name is Stray Cat):


Before I had a chance to respond, he sent this photo and told me that they swoop in when your coffee is served and steal the sugar packages:


The following text conversation ensued:

Husband: Stray Cat is cuter.

Me: But they are more colorful and you don’t use sugar in your coffee anyway.

Husband: You’re right. Stray Cat is out. I want a parrot.

Me: I’ll let her know.

Scene while walking, August 13, 2014

My hotel near the San Francisco airport was in Burlingame. The city of Burlingame has created a shorebird sanctuary and it was along this trail I was walking in the early morning. I got to see a wide variety of waterfowl and got only a few decent photos.




I also took a short video when I remembered my phone also does that: