Daily Frog September 8, 2012 – How Cave Frog Got His Name

The names of our frogs evolved quickly and unlike the fish who sometimes get renamed these have stuck.  Brave Frog was named first, because he was the one who was out the most and who didn’t care when I brought out the camera. He was also the first to move out so I suppose it was even more apt than we first thought. Cave Frog was named next, because of where we could (at that time) most reliably spot him – in a little area where a basalt boulder and the rock walls make a small cave on the side of the pond:


tucked into my little private space


I was able to move around and get a better view before he dove deeper into the cave to hide:

Cave Frog has nosy neighbors.

He still hangs out there sometimes, but he is even less likely to wait for a photo-opportunity before heading underwater now.


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