Daily Frog September 24, 2012

Eeeek! Peeping Tom!


I had almost decided that Uptown had moved out – but I crept up from behind the boulder where he hides and spotted his snout! So I quietly got the camera, never thinking he would actually stay still while I got in position. The angle was awkward and this was the only one from which I could see him – all others were blocked by the plant. Guess this guy’s the introvert of the frogs.

Daily Frog September 18, 2012

it’s pretty easy being green, actually.


Eyeballs has some seriously good camouflage happening here. I was rather amazed he let me take this photo – because we were out by the pond when he popped into view and I didn’t have my camera. My husband got up and walked slowly to the house and retrieved it, and I set the tripod on the coffee table to get the shot. Why he didn’t move or get startled through all of that I have no idea, but I’m pleased with the result.

Daily Frog September 15, 2012

Don’t mind me; I’m just another green thing.

It’s interesting that Eyeballs tends to hang out in the lilies with just his head showing while Cave Frog likes to sit on top of the lily pad instead. This makes it very satisfying when I spot Eyeballs and even moreso if I can get into place and get a close shot from in front. He was very patient during this session.