Scene while walking: February 15, 2013

I finally went for a walk with my “real camera” in tow. Mind you, I now have a real camera because my mother got a new camera for Christmas and I now have her old one – plus a big lens and superb tripod and carrying case. I still need to figure out how best to carry it all and not ruin my back and neck, but I am so happy that I carried it on this particular day. I walked by a ranch that has a small herd (if that’s the right term) of goats. They are so attentive as I walk by but are usually far from the road where I am walking. This day, however, they were very close to the road and the little kids decided to show off by climbing all over a wood pile (and they enjoyed eating bark, too).



I caught this one in a rather unflattering moment, but it makes me laugh so I decided to share it with you:

IMG_2743Apparently bark is tasty. I shall let them have it though. Interestingly, the adult goats were focused on grass (but all I ever saw was the back of them so no photos this time…)

IMG_2741Based on the adults, when these kids grow up they will have fine beards that will swing gently to and fro when they turn around to look at the strange humans walking by.



3 thoughts on “Scene while walking: February 15, 2013

    • gladly, this is only a couple of miles from home – less as the crow flies. Even though I feel like I’m in a suburb, I’m surrounded by horses and cattle and goats and chickens. Very lucky!

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