Scene while walking, August 13, 2014

My hotel near the San Francisco airport was in Burlingame. The city of Burlingame has created a shorebird sanctuary and it was along this trail I was walking in the early morning. I got to see a wide variety of waterfowl and got only a few decent photos.




I also took a short video when I remembered my phone also does that:


Scene while walking: August 11, 2014

When I’m traveling, I do a lot of walking in airports. Some are great for walking – being built with a circle involved like the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, for example. Others you have to walk back and forth through the terminal, perhaps with side trips to loop the gate areas. I can get several miles in depending on the length of layover. This past trip I was doing my walking in the Salt Lake City airport before my next flight. This giant teddy bear is near a chocolate shop and they keep re-decorating him. Looks like this┬átime he’s going on vacation!


Scene while walking: July 18, 2014

I was walking on campus at work and saw a crowd of people looking in a tree. I wondered if they spotted a hawk, which we sometimes have around. But when I got closer I realized it was a tiny kitten. I am happy to report the kitten was successfully rescued and was immediately taken in by a co-worker who has experience with feral kittens. We have no idea how it got there but suspect someone dumped kittens in the hopes they’d be adopted. That’s a ridiculous thing to do.

No, I don't expect you can see the kitten in this picture.

No, I don’t expect you can see the kitten in this picture.

zoomed in, you can just make out the poor kid.

zoomed in, you can just make out the poor kid.