Thanksgiving decorations

I finally got around to taking down Halloween and transitioning to Thanksgiving. I’ve been a tad busy with work and other things lately. At least I had managed to make sure the jack-o-lantern items were no longer lit up after October.

The transition is actually pretty quick. Since pumpkins are still a relevant decoration, all I have to do is remove the pumpkins with a face and any other Halloween specific items. As I type this, I’ve just realized that poor General Principle is still wearing his feathered headdress with a spider on it – I’ll have to remember to take that off of him later today… I can leave up all the non-face-sporting pumpkins, and then I add in a more Thanksgiving specific item:

This was actually filled with flowers when I got it as a gift, and I kept the wicker base just for this reason. The pine cones and things smell nice, too.

The only bad thing is that I can no longer claim the cobwebs in the house are decorative.