Scene in Spain, #1

Okay, I admit it. My grand plans to sit down and super organize my Spain photos are just not going to come to fruition. So instead I’m just going to start sharing them, generally in the order I took them. For starters, this was the window in our first hotel in Madrid, overlooking Parque del Retiro. The arches were nifty.  This page is the hotel’s website and the arches you see on the corner were our room (We blew through a ton of hotel points for that. Worth it.)


5 thoughts on “Scene in Spain, #1

  1. When I was in my late twenties, I worked for US Airways at a small airport. (Yes, I lived “Wings.”) With my travel pass, I flew standby by myself to Madrid for about five days. It was the second time I had visited Spain. I really love that country, and I’d love to go back. I look forward to seeing all your photos!

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