Oh, Christmas Tree!

I have had an artificial pre-lit tree for many years. Scoff if your want – tell me all about how a “real” tree is “better” because I care not. I don’t have to deal with stringing lights and I am assured a slim tree that fits in my space.

That said, I have often been angered trying to sort out how the pre-lit lights are supposed to be plugged in to make everything merry and bright… And last year I had a section of tree that refused to light. So, I bought a new tree this year. Turns out, it’s flipping brilliant! There is NO mystery about how to get things lit!

Oh, yeah! There is one plug at the bottom section and all the rest is handled by simply setting the poles together!

Seriously. You have no idea how happy this made me. I toasted engineers everywhere with the cocktail I had already poured in anticipation of the annoyances related to dealing with the plugs….

Here is our tree:

Of course it required fluffing and decorating but the fact that moments after being out of the box there was light? Damn impressive.

Because we don’t have kids it means we (okay, *I*) can have the tree done however we (*I*) like. All white lights have been the case for years. Last year for the first time I decided to go with all white/crystal ornaments. I love it. My tree has a glittery silver crystal-studded crown.

You’re jealous. If not of the tree itself, you’re jealous that there are wrapped packages already in place….

Here’s a close-up of the crystal-gorgeousness:



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