Obedient Plant

This year I got a variety of “hardy bog plants” to add to the pond. Once we added the water lilies the barrier was broken. Despite being completely novice in this, I was empowered by the internet. What pond plants were perennial and could handle our growing zone?

Google knew the answer. Google is amazing that way.

So I got a variety pack of “hardy bog plants” and “hardy bog iris” – the iris have grown but not flowered. So, they are the first round losers. However, the real test comes next spring when we find out if “hardy” was true. The gauntlet is down, because I’m not rescuing any plants.

This is the “obedient plant” of the hardy bog plants variety pack. If any plant survives, it had damn well be this one. I Order It to come back. (for the record, this was taken with my phone – that’s how awesome this plant is.)

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