WE HAVE FOUR FROGS! (Daily Frog August 11, 2012)

So, we thought that the fourth tadpole had not survived and we had three frogs. But when I spotted one upstream near the bridge, we did wonder if that was truly Eyeballs or not. It looked like Eyeballs and is certainly skittish like Eyeballs but….

So yesterday I spotted all three (Eyeballs was staring at Cave Frog, who was in is cave, and Brave Frog was on a sunny rock) and I decided to look upstream. Lo and behold! The newly named “Uptown Frog” was sitting behind the plant, peeking out at us. In fact, this means he’s usually much closer to us than the others, because we sit near that part of the water most often.

Uptown frog has no roommates and a much better view of the waterfall. He’s also less bothered by the fish, we imagine. Smart move, Uptown.

I see you!

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