What’s with the frogs, anyway? — part 1

Obviously I post a lot of pictures of frogs. I know I won’t be able to keep up posting a daily photo forever (though if I stockpile enough I suppose I could make it through winter…) – but they are so darn cute and the whole #dailyfrog thing took root on my twitter account and before you know it I created a blog and started writing run-on sentences for all to see.

But WHY do I do it? Hm.

It started with finally getting our back yard, which had been a dirt and weed pit, landscaped. In the summer of 2010 we had a patio, waterfall, stream, and pond installed. It was ridiculously exciting and I worked from home just to be able to watch the progress:

future waterfall and stream

rear view of waterfall as it takes shape

rear view of waterfall

woohoo, water flowing

It wasn’t until much later we built the deck (trex!) with the help of friends and family:

Ken finishing the bridge over the stream

our little pier around a boulder

we still have to do the fascia, though

Summer 2011 we got a 2nd flagstone patio installed and some fake grass (which is all kinds of awesome), and a FENCE!

2nd flagstone (Belgard, actually) patio

our fake grass patch, and FENCE being installed (yay, privacy!)

fence posts are trimmed with solar lights.


















Sometime during all this, a frog moved into our pond, where we had some fish and plants:

This guy moved in and I managed to get one photo through binoculars using my phone.

Sadly, he also moved out. So this spring I ordered tadpoles…. (continued in next post)

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